Hello KT.  Here are the pieces I have in stock.  Click on the photos to see more images from the store.

I won't charge the delivery fees for these ones.  If you have any question, please ask me.

Of course, all of these models could be make with different colors.  Let me know if you're interested about the possibilities.  We have enough time to discuss and make projects before your vacation.



Jersey dress

KT : my daughter wore that dress when we met at your stroe: the color was different, but it is the same model.  It is my favorite dress at this time.  It is comfortable, and with different shoes, it is a different dress !

You are the perfect Medium Size !

You have the choice of these colors, or we can imagine different combinations for you.

This dress is on stock in 3 different colors: orange, lime, turquoise


Stripe dress

The stripe dress can be worn all year round. In the summer on its own, with a fleece sweater over and/or a jersey underneath the rest of the year. This dress is made of a durable wrinkle free fabric and makes a perfect travel garment.

The dress is wide and is fitted with a long belt at the waist or hip.

The dress was designed without a front or back side and the wider neckline can be worn both ways.


3 other colors available on order :








Jersey t-shirt

The MACHIN-MACHINE Jerseys were designed without a front or back side and the V neckline can be worn both ways.

The color possibilities are infinite for the M-M jerseys.  The fabric is comfortable : I wear it for my trainings, yoga, jogging, biking...

And it is also beautiful !  To be worn with the skirt or with on top of your favorite jeans.

There are still a few in stock.  Otherwise we can imagine the one you desire !


Jersey 3/4


3/4 sleeve :

boat neck :

without a front or back side, can be worn both ways ;

multiple colors.



This fleece has been creating to be worn on top of everything : jersey and t-shirt, dress and skirt.  It is the Best Seller of MACHIN-MACHINE collections !  


Summer skirt

A wrap-around skirt, with a small pocket on a side.  To be worn with the t-shirt or the 3/4 jersey.